Friends of Soils, Food and Healthy Communities

Friends of SFHC is a group of North Americans who support the long-term efforts and vision of the Soils, Food and Healthy Communities (SFHC), a nonprofit organization in Malawi.  This long-term project of solidarity supports SFHC to build sustainable, healthy, equitable, resilient communities and food systems in Malawi through awareness raising, fundraising, knowledge exchange, and visits between North Americans and Malawian collaborators. 

SFHC is a farmer-led, participatory organization that works with smallholder farmers in northern and central Malawi, and uses agroecological approaches to improve food security and nutrition.  Farmers working with SFHC experiment with agroecological approaches such as legume diversification, agroforestry, mulching, and compost manure to improve child nutrition, food security, and soil health. Farmers also engage in participatory educational activities related to nutrition, health, climate change, gender, and social equity.   Since beginning their work in 2000, SFHC has secured funding from multiple government and non-government organizations in Europe, Africa, and North America and has worked with over 10,000 smallholder farmers to improve soil health, increase food security, diversify diets, improve child nutrition, empower farmers, and improve gender relations.

Friends of SFHC are academics, farmers, students, journalists, nutritionists and community members in North America who believe that the participatory, democratic, ecological, farmer-led approaches spearheaded by SFHC are critical in building a resilient food system. We consider ourselves ‘global citizens’ who are interested in addressing economic, health, and social inequalities at the household, community, and national levels within the agri-food system.

We aim to provide opportunities for engaged citizens in North America to learn about the work being done by SFHC, and the issues they are fighting more broadly, and to contribute to this work through fundraising, and information sharing.  We build relationships with community members, like-minded organizations, academics, students, and universities in North America through exchange visits.  We work to advocate for increased government and non-profit support for agroecological, community-led efforts to address food security and nutrition in the Global South, and for not supporting policies and programs which work directly against such an approach. We arrange for training and speaking opportunities in North America for partners at SFHC, which further build and strengthen these relationships while continuing to grow the international profile of this work and further develop expertise within SFHC.  

For more information, please visit the SFHC website: